Jimmy Kelley (The SEO Krakken)

Jimmy Kelley is a highly skilled SEO and traffic expert and a former DOD (Department of Defense) contractor. Since leaving the DOD, Jimmy has increased search engine rankings and traffic for hundreds of clients and students worldwide. His proprietary Domain Authority Stacking methods and systems have gained notoriety with collaboration from advanced semantic software engineers including former department of defense software architect Sue Bell and co-inventor Russell Wright of Network Empire LLC.

See Jimmy’s Extremely Popular SEO Traffic Hosptial Training Course.


Jimmy is a never-ending source of SEO genius. Every single time I talk to him, he has yet another nugget that I have never seen or heard ANYONE else ever talk about or share!

Chris Morris


Software and Courses Co-Invented by Jimmy Kelley:

Since joining the Network Empire Market Domination Team, Jimmy has collaborated on several software products and WordPress Plugins:

1. The Video SEO Silo Plugin 

Since the first 2013 release of the Video Silo Plugin, Jimmy has collaborated on several new features and technical improvements that are being added to upcoming releases of the Vsilo plugin. The non-video version of the SEO Silo plugin will also include upcoming enhancements, does not include video import, and is free for download.

For more information, please see the full Vsilo Help File.

2. The VKrakken Automatic PinVid WordPress Plugin and Course

Jimmy has provided constant SEO quality control and oversight for the VKrakken WordPress Automatic Video Traffic plugin and the corresponding Automatic Video Traffic Training Course. This plugin was first revealed to the public at Mike Long’s OMG Nashville Live event.

3. The Social Explosion WordPress Plugin and Social Signal Exchange Network

After Jimmy joined the Network Empire Team, they increased and improved testing to verify Domain Authority Stacking as a new and improved method of sustainable SEO ranking. One of the major traffic tools that meet the new standard is called WP Social Explosion. This WordPress Plugin drives authentic social traffic and Domain Authority Links to your website via a monthly subscription to the NE Social Signal Exchange Network. This subscription has different pricepoints for different volumes of blog posts. To find out how to gain access to this ever-expanding traffic system, please visitWP Social Explosion.

For more information, please see the full Social Explosion WordPress Help File.

4. The Domain Authority Stacking Course

Jimmy Kelley, Russell Wright, Sue Bell and Mike Pearse spent an entire week at the Theme Zoom Bunker preparing this new course. It is an introduction to Domain Authority Stacking for beginners. It includes exclusive webinars and prepares you for more advancedTheme Zoom Online Webinar Bootcamps.

5. The GSA SEO Software Course

The GSA Software Course has been removed from the market and is available only to Network Empire Members. This is due to the highly volatile nature of the training, especially when abused or used improperly.

6. The Traffic Hospital (Penguin and Panda SEO Recovery and Prevention) Course

Update! The Traffic Hospital Course Has Been Removed from Market. Now Only Available as Part of Network Empire “Swallow Your Market Whole” Certification Curriculum

Well, you will probably attacked by Google panda or Google Penguin penalties! We would like to invite you to join us for the all new seo traffic hospital online training course with military level seo expert Jimmy Kelley, Network Empire CEO Sue Bell, and your Host, Russell Wright.

Your instructors are not fly-by-night seo propaganda loyalists! They are military level developers with years of SEO experience and online web software development.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Endorsement From Mike Haydon:

Jimmy Kelley has helped my business immensely since I started learning from him and taking his one on one coaching. As I write this on 4 Feb 2014, we had a major penalty breakthrough for my client, which you can see in the graphic. That’s today compared to 1 Feb 2014 (3 days ago) before I implemented Jimmy’s penalty recovery plan under his guidance. The pluses are for keywords that we haven’t been in the top 10 pages since early October 2013, when Penguin 2.1 hit. So 4 months of trying to figure it out myself, then 3 days after getting Jimmy’s help, the site is now un penalized and clawing its way back up! I’ve had a lot of success over the last few months in other areas, implementing Jimmy’s methods. He’s extremely personable and easy going. He’s also continuously innovating and pushing the envelope. I cannot begin to quantify the impact that implementing Jimmy’s teachings and methods has had on my business, my confidence and my SEO skills. If you get the chance to learn from him, don’t think twice – your business will never be the same once you do.

Endorsement From Wayne Vass:


Jimmy Kelley’s SEO and marketing knowledge are unmatched in this industry. As a Jimmy Kelley student, I have learned more effective and powerful SEO strategies then I have with any other course to date. His teaching style is to the point with no fluff. Studying under Jimmy’s mentorship is money well spent. This Master SEO is in a class all his own.

– Wayne Vass (Houston SEO Expert)

Endorsement From Nick Coburn:

I forgot to pass on my victory following that last bit of info you gave me above. I implemented what you said in the morning (bulking out citation, still no reviews) and by the evening I was No2 for my search term (from no where!). Obviously I was very excited! It was my first bit of local (just helping a friend who is a carpenter) and he actually got two jobs off that citation in the 2 days following its ranking at number 2! Pretty weird feeling to be honest. As I have always worked in affiliate, all you ever see is a number on your stats and then cash in your account! The fact a ‘real’ person found the listing, made a phone call and had my mate in their house all seems a bit strange!

– Nick Coburn

Endorsement From Chris Morris:

Jimmy Kelley is one of the TOP bleeding edge SEO’s I have had the opportunity to work with. He is also one of the most genuine and down to earth guys I have ever met personally in my life. 


Jimmy has completely changed the way I approach SEO. His techniques and his one on one coaching are responsible for my business literally exploding and having the confidence and being able take on any niche regardless of competition.


 I don’t want Jimmy to share any of his secrets with anyone because they are seriously like having a DeathStar in your SEO arsenal.


If you ever have a chance to work with Jimmy Kelley do not even ask about his rates. Whatever Jimmy charges will be FAR less than what he is going to deliver in return. Press that buy button now and pray you make it on the inside in time.


– Chris Morris

Endorsement from Phil Pruscino:

Jimmy Kelley is the man when it comes to SEO. I have learned so much from Jimmy – and he has helped my business immensely. He is a clear thinker, smart analyst, and is very strategic in his implementation of website SEO – and he is a fantastic guy who is incredibly generous with his time and advice.

I highly recommend Jimmy’s training and killer methods. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity, spend the money to learn from him – and work as hard as he does on implementing his methods, you will give yourself every chance of acquiring the ability to dominate online.

His SEO results are on the board – he is a proven leader and game-changer in his field. For anyone looking to learn from one of the best in the business – on the planet – this is the go to guy. Just do what Jimmy says and does and you will be on the right track.

– Phil Pruscino

Endorsement from Haiming Jiang: 

It does not do Jimmy justice labelling him merely as an SEO expert. He is by far one of the most genuine and authentic innovators that pushes the limit on what’s possible in search engine optimization. As one of his students, I have been able to utilize his groundbreaking techniques to boost not only the ranking of my sites, but also their Domain Authority – one of Jimmy’s signature tactics. Jimmy’s style is calm and specific and I highly recommend that anyone committed to search engine domination take guidance from Jimmy.

– Haiming Jiang

Endorsement from Tony Camero:



Endorsement from Gary Joseph: 

During last 12 months, I have got private SEO coaching from 5 different call called SEO expert. Jimmy is the only person who had really delivered convincing result. I have a site that have penguin penalty and tried many ways to recover the ranking dying last 2 years without much success. After 2 private coaching with Jimmy, one of the main keyword ranking jumped from page 8 to #5. It is amazing for me! The money I spend with Jimmy’s coaching is obvious the best investment for my SEO education!

The only problem is that Jimmy has become so busy. It is hard for him to schedule private coaching any more. I hope Jimmy will not let me to wait for another 2 months for next coaching after he reads this testimonial. :)

Thank you Jimmy for your great coaching and support. I look for next private coaching soon!

– Gary Joseph

Endorsement from Adam Lever: 

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks so much for your help and advice in bringing back a high ranking client website that had completely disappeared from the SERPS overnight. The site received the penalty on the Sunday night, I spoke with you on the Tuesday morning and by 7pm Friday night within the same week, the website was back ranking higher than before with multiple first page listings. Pretty impressive stuff going on right there! I have recovered sites in the past, but definitely not to this extent….You are quite clearly some sort of modern day SEO Wizard, minus the hat and cape.

– Adam Lever







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Courses by Jimmy

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Jimmy’s GSA Course

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Domain Authority Stacking?

Domain Authority Stacking is a collaborative concept created by military-scale SEO expert Jimmy Kelley, Theme Zoom Co-Inventors Russell Wright and Sue Bell.

Domain Authority Stacking is a safe and sustainable way of using backlinks of varying domain authority- in order to rank a primary money site without penalization of any kind. In a domain authority stacking strategy, social websites (and other high domain authority websites and/or publishing platforms) are used as a buffer to protect your money site against backlink spam. A full understanding of Domain Authority Stacking will allow you to safely and effectively use potentially harmful backlink automation systems such as Magic Submitter, GSA, Link Emperor, SE Nuke, and pretty much any other backlink system you could buy or build.


Buy the Complete Domain Authority Stacking Training!

Former Defense Department Contracts

Jimmy was the main contractor for an experimental solar energy field at Buckley Air Force Base. Aurora Colorado:


Jimmy Kelley’s Role in the Project

Perform professional monitoring and managing of projects for new construction, renovations and improvements to real property facilities and utility systems. Retain thorough technical knowledge of engineering and construction management. Oversee performance of projects would entail work on utilities, electrical, mechanical, and other systems for large industrial building, multi-story office buildings, alarm and other suppression control systems, pavement and roadways, etc. Promptly resolve problems with contractors regarding plans and specification requirements. Perform detailed, preconstruction site survey along with continually monitoring and evaluating contract performance schedules and work progress, delays or other problems that had the potential to delay construction.

Represented the government in negotiations with the contractor, prepared accurate change orders, sketches, addendums and cost estimates for contract modification as required. Projects include Operations and Maintenance (O&M), SABER, Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) and other onetime acquisitions. This position requires one to provide overall accuracy, completeness, coordination and technical decisions for all phases of a project, that the end product meets and exceeds the needs of the consumer and conforms to the latest development code and department of defense standards.

Greg Morrison Testimonial

The Complete Statement:

Public testimonial for Jimmy Kelley!!!

I wanted to take the time to publicly thank Jimmy Kelley and give him my public testimonial because the stuff he has taught me over the last few months and more specifically the last couple weeks (everything finally clicked) is game changing. Not just for me, but for the whole OMG community.

It’s funny that Jimmy gave me a public testimonial saying I practically saved his business back a year or two ago, because he has been totally schooling me on so many aspects of SEO over the last couple months and I’m not ashamed to admit that one bit.

What we already have in the OMG content is so powerful and works so well…I don’t think I have to tell anyone that who has used it or seen the earnings reports.

But what is coming…is just not fair to other people outside of OMG. And I’m not kidding one bit. Anyone who truly understands Jimmy’s DAS (domain authority stacking) stuff to the core knows what I mean.

And I’m going to start giving you the run down on how to use the basics of DAS (even the basics are off the charts powerful) likely sometime this week, and then Jimmy will just hammer it home in the directors cut.

Also adding to the arsenal is the work that Jimmy, Russell Wrightand Sue Bell are doing with social explosion…the power of this tool, with what we already teach + DAS…there’s no words to describe the power and potential. Keep in mind I was ranking for virtually anything I wanted with JUST PBNs (pre social explosion\DAS) – as were OMG members. You add what the network empire team has brought to the table and it’s way way way more powerful, if that’s even believable.

Everything that Jimmy has been trying to teach me over the last few months finally clicked about 2 weeks ago, and that’s very good news for everyone in OMG…it’s on!

Although this kind of turned into an excitement post, at it’s core it’s a testimonial for Jimmy Kelley…the smartest SEO I know, and probably one of the most generous people I’ve ever met.

Couldn’t be more excited about the content that’s coming to OMG. Even though I’ll reiterate it in the videos…anything that I teach on DAS is credit to Jimmy, so you can thank him when these bombs drop…I will just help teach it in a different teaching style.

Thank you Jimmy, you are awesome.

PS – Also want to thank Kotton Grammer for his help, he has also schooled me on some stuff that trickles to the whole OMG community. If you haven’t watched his citation crusher videos yet, do it now.

Greg Morrison

Mike Haydon Endorsement

Wayne Vass Endorsement

Jimmy Kelley Gives Amazing SEO Advice on Webinar

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