Why Get the JKD Agency Control Panel and/or Agency Partnership?

This interview is with a successful SEO Agency Using the Jimmy Kelley Digital “ACP”:

ACP = Agency Control Panel which is an “unlocked” version of the member’s only software used inside the JKD SEO 2020 Traffic Ranking Training Membership.

Number of Clients: 25

  • This agency has 25 clients at the time of this interview, with 2 additional clients onboarded 1 week after purchasing the Agency Control Panel and implementing guidance within the SEO 2020 Training System. The onboarding of new clients was attributed to the “confidence increase” of being able to get  rankings more predictably. 

Consistent Increases in Client SEO Rankings


You said that many of your SEO clients had a “boost in rankings” and “a record month” as a result of your recent JKD SEO training. Is it hype-free for me to say this occurred because you were able to improve your organizations internal SEO process maps and execute better and faster results for clients?

Also, how many clients out of how many clients saw improvement,and what would you guess your increased client retention would be in terms of total dollar amounts of all clients combined per month?

Agency Partner:

I would say 90% of all of our clients websites see ranking improvement just when we turn on the traffic from the JKD Traffic Ranking System.

To answer your question about how this increases our client retention (and therefore our bottom line) I would state that our client website SEO rankings ALWAYS STICK where we were able to implement many of the the other on-page factors taught by Jimmy and Tonni in group and one-on-one training. These include the expert methods taught in the JKD Ranking 2020 Course, as well as additional training available only to Agency Partners.


So when you follow the JKD on-page SEO process and instructions . . . along with the JKD Traffic Ranking System, the rankings stick, your clients are “welded to your hip” so-to-speak?

Agency Partner:

Yes. The times we do not get the desired rankings usually has to do with the client not giving us access to edit their site for on-page SEO optimization. But the cool thing is, using the JKD Traffic Ranking System, we were still able to give their website a spike. This temporary ranking spike almost always convinces them to let us optimize their website “on-page” properly. LOL.

There is no need to get perfection every time right out of the gate. But the JKD SEO training and traffic rankiug system really moves the needle and gets clients excited.

Just so you can let people know you are not “selling dreams” here, let me show you some rankings just out of the gate. I have removed the niche info to protect my clients:

Here is another one, not perfect, but getting movement right out of the gate. Definitely get’s the clients attention: