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Hiring a freelance website designer can be a risky venture. There are thousands that offer their website design services and their experience and professionalism varies dramatically.

Ask anyone with a website and they likely have a nightmare story to tell you. Even we have our own stories but we'd prefer not to relive most of them.

Here's the good news... our client's don't have nightmare stories about our work because we deliver what we promise in a reasonable time frame and at a high quality.

Our senior web designer, Clinton, has been designing websites for over 20 years and has worked on over 100 websites. He's also taught web design to hundreds of students over the past 9 years.

If you want to belong to the same group as the many other happy clients, simply request an estimate today.

Web Design Task Examples

  • Update, WordPress, Theme and Plugins

    Perform basic maintenance of your WordPress installation. (i.e. Backup, Update, Check)

  • Content Revisions

    Change or adjust content on your blog or pages

  • Styling Changes

    Change colors, fonts, CSS code, etc

  • Implement Scheduled Backups

    Set up regular website and database backups saved to off server locations

  • Update E-Commerce Products

    Revise the photos, content, pricing, etc of your products.

  • Set Up Mailing List

    Integrate MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact or other email marketing service

What Clients Say About Our Web Designer

Web Design Rate

$125 / Hour
  • Senior Web Designer
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • WooCommerce
  • Website Migrations

* minimum charge of 1 hour

This is a great question and one we've had to answer many times.

The answer is simple. You only work with senior web designers with 20 years of website design expertise when you hire us.

There are MANY freelance designers that charge much less than we do. But, how long will it take them to do the work and more importantly, what is the quality of that work in the end?

We've worked with many junior and intermediate web designers and few can complete the same task in the same time with the same quality as our designers. Nearly all of them take at least twice as long to complete the task.

So, which is cheaper? Hiring someone at $75/hr for 2 hours or $125/hr for 1 hour?

There are many website design tasks we can accomplish. The tasks range from simple revisions of an existing website to adding new pages or implementing new features such as mailing list captures.

If you have any questions about a task you need completed, please feel free to send an estimate request and we'll let you know quickly whether we can do it and an estimate to complete the work.

No, there isn't a limit. However, if your job is expected to take over 3 hours then we may quote the work on a per project basis rather than using an hourly rate.

Our expertise is in WordPress, HTML, CSS and web design. This should be confused with web development which includes work such as programming, code revisions/updates, or server side functionality.

If your task is geared towards programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, or Ruby on Rails, then we may not be able to help you.

Great question! There are so many variables when it comes to web design that it can be difficult to factor in unexpected circumstances. 

If the work is expected to take longer, we will notify you as soon as we discover a change in the timeline.

And if we quote a task that we can't complete then you'll be fully refunded whatever you paid.

We charge a 100% retainer based on the estimate. If the task is completed quicker than the estimate, you'll be refunded accordingly.

Note: all tasks are subject to a minimum 1 hour charge

We accept all major payment types. All transactions are completed through PayPal so you may also use your PayPal account. However, you do not require a PayPal account to make a payment.

Request an Estimate

Tell us about the work you'd like completed. We'll review the request and provide you with an estimate. Each estimate will be an approximate time range.

Please remember that unexpected issues during work are the norm and not the exception. We'll do our best to complete the work within the estimate range. If something significant is discovered, we'll notify you before reaching the limit of our estimate.

Note: For emergency work, please provide as much information as possible including any pertinent login details. We will require both your website hosting (cPanel) and your WordPress logins.

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