Live Tuesday the 24th – Personal On Page Audit by the entire JKD Crew!

You read that Right! This week on the FREE JKD Webinar (happening at 8pm Eastern on Tuesday, January 24th) we will be conducting on page audits live and in living color where we will be taking audience members websites and picking apart the on page (on a first come first serve basis).

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Now, I see a ton of SEOs completely over look this aspect (or maybe they just don’t understand it entirely) and it’s costing them big! I’ve been there before though: when I was getting started I really didn’t understand what to do where. Was this over or under optimizing? Well if I optimize it like this, what will my off page look like?

You see, on page optimization is the foundation that all other SEO efforts are built on (i.e. if it’s not right, you’re not ranking) and until you get it spot on you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. Now, are there other factors that come into play? Of course, but a lot less effort will be required if you have a solid foundation.

So… Join us (Tuesday, January 24th) at 8pm Eastern to see our on page clinic in action. And if you want to be one of the sites we look at be there as early as possible and drop your URL in the chat. 🙂

Also, if you have not hopped on Jimmy Kelley Live this year I highly suggest you do so. This will be his last hosted event before burrowing further into the underground to run his SEO Lab.

Talk Soon,

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