New JKD Traffic Ranking Software!

Are You Still Struggling to Rank Higher on Google More Easily without Building as many Back Links?

Here’s How to Improve Your Website Rankings With Visitor Engagment:

Let’s talk about you ranking much higher on Google more easily without building as many links with our simple but revolutionary web-based software.

Let us help you end your struggle with low website traffic as well as on-site visitor interaction and engagement. These are becoming almost more important than building back links when it comes to ranking your website locally and nationally. 

If you are like most people trying to rank, stress has gotten the best of you. You have:

• Built SEO backlinks from any source you could find . . . 
• Hired various SEO firms and Fiverr gigs . . .  
• Purchased traffic from various services . . . 

. . . and they all left you with frustrating results.

But There is Huge News!

At Jimmy Kelley Digital, we know exactly what you have gone through. 

These days, we have managed to achieve quite a bit of success with ranking local and national websites using mostly traffic and website engagement. We still build back links, we just don’t need as many.

We are able to increase the rankings of local and national websites more easily from the top 10 pages in Google to page 1 using zero additional back links.  Some of our discoveries allow us to get away with building far fewer backlinks to websites than we ever have before. 

But to tell the truth, we had a LOT of things we needed to figure out before we could build a software that could accomplish this for you.

It Took A Lot of Research and Testing to Build a Software That Would Do This For You


Before we figured out exactly what Google was expecting in order to increase your traffic-based ranking, there were a lot of roadblocks in our testing.

For instance, there are many services out there claiming to sell search engine traffic. But what we discovered is that the software developers of such services have not spent the money required to make sure they always give Google what they expect. To do this properly incredibly expensive and incredibly technical.

When we started building this sytem for ourselves, we already knew that visitor traffic is almost as important as building backlinks these days. We also knew that vistiors needed to engage the website to really make a difference and improve the results from link building.  But we needed to work out exactly WHICH KINDS of visitor engagements were superior to other kinds of user behaviors. Jimmy Kelley and a close associate (who prefers to remain unnamed) spent months testing different kinds of user engagement in order to find the superior combinations. Once our visitors were encouraged to engage our websites in special ways, our sites would jump up a couple of pages when they were somehow hopelessly stuck on lower pages for unknown reasons. 

Our Success Can Now Be Your Workhorse

Since we talked about some of these secrets at the Jimmy Kelley 2017 Live Event, we have run into multiple others who encountered the same issues but are not able to break through. So we have decided make this software available to our network of friends. 


Z9 Traffic Ranker

The Special software that will help you to Rank higher on Google more easily without building as many links in the next 30 days.


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