Jimmy Kelley offers one-on-one personal and tailored training to teach you how to navigate the SEO world. The course is designed for all levels of knowledge, and geared towards any business professional looking to become more familiar with SEO. If you play a part in the creation or marketing of a website/business and want to gain more traffic, this class is for you!

Both corporate and team training is available to enable agencies to implement our advanced and sustainable SEO strategies in businesses that they work with. Whether you’re working to increase your own traffic or a business that you work with, we will teach you how to quickly and efficiently gain organic rankings.
Training will be tailored to every client, and can be done in person or online. Jimmy works with local, national, and international brands and products. Through SEO strategy, every business can find success.

For clients who already are familiar with SEO, specialist training is offered, teaching semantic SEO and E-commerce including working with large market places like Amazon and Etsy.

Are you looking to increase your knowledge of SEO? Sign up for training! The knowledge you learn will empower you to make a real difference in your SEO strategy.

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