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JKD is an Austin based SEO firm founded by Jimmy Kelley, one of the most skilled search engine ranking ‘code-breakers’ in the world.

Search engine optimization changes weekly as search engines like Google and Yahoo update their algorithms. New Google patents that effect the search engine are added and updated every week. It is important that your search engine auditor understands the subtleties behind these changes in order to maintain your SEO rankings.

Austin search engine optimization

Millions of people use Google, Bing and Yahoo in order to research products and services before making purchasing decision. Most of the traffic on these search engines will come to your website only when you are on the first page for a given keyword result. For some keywords, having first page rankings can be worth tens of millions of dollars per year. One way to determine the value of a keyword is to use TSMV or Total Search Market Value. The Total Search Market Value of keyword is determined by the number of visitors multiplied by the cost per click. Keywords that have buyers intent can drive thousands (or even millions) of monthly visitors to your website if you are ranked within the top 3 to 5 positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

search engine optimization Austin tx

Jimmy Kelley has trained thousands of SEO students worldwide. The many SEO ranking methods he has taught over the last 3 years simply work. Innovation is always happening at JKD.

Here at JKD, we keep abreast with the ever-changing algorithms of a host of search engines ranging from Google to Bing; virtually any search engine know to man falls under our jurisdiction. Therefore, your website will constantly be adjusted and modeled after these shifting priorities meaning it’ll always stay head and shoulders above the rest.

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